Welcome to our journey. We're so glad to have you!

As we prepare for, and soon embark on our journey, this blog will not only be a window into our travels and experiences, but also a way for us to share with our supporters in the good works along the way. So many people have helped make this trip possible and for that we are grateful! We hope you'll stay tuned to see what and who your support impacts. We also ask that you will continue to pray for us and the people we will serve while we're in Nicaragua.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Safe and Sound!

We have arrived, let the fun and work begin! After an early start and a fairly long day of travel, we are all relaxing at the Christ for the City International office this evening for dinner, hanging out, and much anticipated showers and sleep. Thanks to everyone for your prayers over our flights and luggage. All of our medications made it through without a hitch.

More information to come tomorrow, but for the time being we just wanted everyone back home to know your loved ones are safe and happy in Managua. We've already enjoyed a little Nica fast food at Tip Top and took a tour of the city. Tomorrow we'll head to Leon to set up the clinic and meet our Nicaraguan teammates for the week.

We'll chat with you tomorrow, but please keep praying for safe travels and a successful week ahead.

Dios le bendiga,


  1. We'll be praying for you all in Catherine's Mom's Sunday School class in the morning! Be blessed.


  2. Family & Friends...I love & miss you!! Tapanga, mommy loves you!!!


  3. Scratch our comment about showers. You'd need running water for that of which we have none. This could fast forward our team bonding experience. At least we'll smell about the same;) Praying for water for showers at our next location!

  4. Jeannie, I am so happy you made it safe!! Go and be the hands and feet of Jesus. I love you much :)