Welcome to our journey. We're so glad to have you!

As we prepare for, and soon embark on our journey, this blog will not only be a window into our travels and experiences, but also a way for us to share with our supporters in the good works along the way. So many people have helped make this trip possible and for that we are grateful! We hope you'll stay tuned to see what and who your support impacts. We also ask that you will continue to pray for us and the people we will serve while we're in Nicaragua.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet Our Team

With only 3 days until we depart, I thought it might be helpful to introduce your Nicaragua clinic staff and tour guides over the next week or so.

I'm pleased to introduce:
Jeff- Medical team leader, physician, seasoned missionary
Brittany- Co-leader, Nicaragua veteran and your author
Joan- well traveled missionary, Nica veteran, pharmacy guru
Jonathan- Translator extraordinaire, Nica, veteran, and team comedian
Mike- Brings EMT knowledge to the team, team handy man if needed
Shawna- Nurse and the lovely wife of Mike
Lana- Pharmacy guru representing Heartland Church in Rockford, IL
Jordan- PA student, team musician, Spanish expert
Megan- PA student
Veronica- Nursing student, fluent in Spanish
John- "Dr. Juan", ER physician
Carrie- Nurse, experienced missionary
Reid- Translator, puppeteer for the little ones
Melissa- PA student, fluent in Spanish
Ryan- College student, writing and construction strengths, son of Jeff
Carly- PA student, recently engaged to Lee! (Congrats!)
Lee- Will most likely serve in children's ministry, fiance of Carly
Jeannie- Representing Seacoast Irmo
Catherine- PA student, team worship leader

We hope you'll continue to pray for us as we prepare to head out. Thank you for your support on behalf of the awesome 19 people listed above!


  1. Have a safe trip to Nicaragua! I can't wait to see some photos.

  2. Be safe you guys! And be careful with that Carrie girl, she's tricky! (love ya mom!)... But seriously be safe! And say hi to my campus ministry group if you run into them at the airport! ;-)

  3. We have arrived, Getting ready for our first supper here at the mission house. Tomorrow we will have an orientation meeting following worship, breakfast and devotion, Then off for a two hour ride to our new destination. That Carrie girl has devotion in the morning, so her head is in the Good book, It always saves and keeps her out of trouble. Thanks for the warning. Special love to Amy, Travis, Jason, Mcgrews Life group, North Charleston Prayerteam and leaders, and of course everyone at RAI A55. Peace out, That Carrie Nurse girl.